About Us

Digital eHealth Solutions: Where Innovation and Compassion Converge to Redefine Healthcare Excellence

Company Overview

Digital Ehealth Solutions Ltd is an ICT service company with experience in enhancing health management systems and healthcare-focused services through digital information, to improve healthcare outcomes amongst other value added services. Our modus operandi prioritizes client satisfaction and quality services. We have a team of open-minded professionals to build, develop and deploy ICT infrastructure and services tailor-made for quality healthcare delivery.

Recent Projects

Explore Our Trailblazing Projects at Digital eHealth Solutions, Where Technology Transforms Health into a Connected, Smarter, and Healthier Experience.

Develop and deploy ICT App to enable all DSCHC Accredited HCFs independently view submitted Encounter Claims Review Report from the DSCHC server system along with Monitoring and Process Management

Claims Management system

Server Upgrade

Design, develop and deployment of centralized data management syestem

The development and deployment of a Digital Biodata application designed to streamline household enrollment for improved access to healthcare services across the Niger Delta states in Nigeria. The primary objective of this initiative was to create a user-friendly platform that enables households to register and enroll for healthcare services conveniently, ultimately enhancing access to vital medical assistance in the region.
Key Features of Digital Biodata:
  • User Registration: Simple and intuitive registration process allowing households to create accounts and provide necessary information.
  • Household Enrollment: Seamless enrollment process, enabling users to register family members for healthcare services.
  • Location-Based Services: Integration of GPS functionality to connect users with nearby healthcare facilities and services based on their geographical location.
  • Face Detention: Integration of advanced face detection technology, to ensure the accuracy and integrity of enrollee information, enhancing quality assurance measures and overall reliability of the enrollment process.
  • Encounter Processing via QR Code: Implementation of encounter processing through QR code technology, enabling users to generate and scan QR codes during healthcare encounters for seamless processing of information and services.

Our Vision

To become a leading ICT company delivering quality services as we have one simple goal- to meet the needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

As an ICT solutions provider, we are fully committed to the development of ICT applications as relevant to quality healthcare delivery.

Our Objective

We aim to set new standards in the ICT industry by delivering innovative solutions that transform healthcare delivery. Our commitment is unwavering – to harness technology’s full potential and create ICT applications that elevate the quality of healthcare. Through collaborative partnerships and a client-centric approach, we strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Together, we envision a future where ICT empowers a healthier world

Our Scope

  • Secondary code processing and management Enrollee/Patient registration.
  • Claims management and processing
  • Qrcode enabled ID card processing
  • ICT infrastructure support services and End-user training.
  • After-sales preventive maintenance and upgrade.
  • Cyber Security support services

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